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Rechtsanwälte Karlsruhe für Steuerrecht
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Contract Law

Contract negotiation is understood to be the phase from negotiation of two (bilateral) or more (multilateral) parties and the associated declaration of intent (i.e. the conclusion of the contract). This phase may, be in the public or private sector, in writing or infromally, lead to contract.


Not only fromcontract negotiation, with particular attention to the conclusion of an agreement and exchange of goods and services or the licensing of intagiblerights (patents, trademarks) but also verbal hire, leasing and sales. In contrast, contracts written in a legal format are often disputed perhaps regarding the interpretation of their content or for failing to fulfil the terms of the contract. Additionally, there is given, by the BGB and under the laws pertaining to General Terms and Conditions, the right to edit the content of contracts to conform to law. Regulations are also followed within an international framework.